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DIY pet memorial kit

DIY pet memorial kit

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DIY pet memorial kit

Losing a beloved pet can be extremely painful. And although pet memorial jewelry exists, when you lose a pet, you may feel too vulnerable to send their ashes or fur to someone to make you a keepsake. Now with these DIY kits  you don’t have to. You can create a unique piece of jewellery where a tiny amount of your pet's ashes or a small piece of their fur can be securely locked inside, with glitters, and flakes. It’s lovely way to remember your beloved pet and keep them close to your heart.


A wonderful way to remember your dearly departed dog, cat, or any other animal. You can fully customize it, add inclusions, as well as other details such as glitters and flakes. With this kit you’ll make yourself a beautiful keychain in honor of your pet. 


What’s included in this kit:

Set of tips and instructions 

Clear 2-component resin of the highest quality

Slicone paw with heart mold

Keychain ring

A cup

Stiring stick

Glitter and leaf flakes


What you need:

Your pet’s fur or tiny bit of ashes



We know what’s important to you! We hope this keychain will bring you peace and comfort. Not everyone likes to wear formal jewelry, so an alternative can make all the difference. A keychain memorial is equally as meaningful, and it’s an important part of your daily routine. Using resin, you can mix cremation ash with glitters, and create a beautiful keepsake.

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